The Strike Club Rulebook 2019/20

Please find the Strike Club rulebook for 2019/20 here. There are a small number of amendments this year, primarily to implement the decision to become part of The Standard Club from 1 February 2019 and align the policy renewal date with that of the Standard Club from 20 February 2020.  Other changes provide additional clarification of existing provisions and reflect the fact that Loss of Hire is no longer being offered, with new and renewing war cover provided by the War class of The Standard Club from 1 February 2019.

The full changes are summarised in the table below:


Rule No.




Additional definitions for: 2019/20 Policy Year, Policy Years before and after 2019/20 and The Standard Club.  Alphabetical ordering of existing definitions


3 (a)

Entry in The Shipowners’ Mutual Strike Insurance Association Europe to also confer membership of The Standard Club


3 (d)

Clarification re. the three classes of entry (Onshore Class I & II and Shipboard Class III)



Explicit clarification that cover under rule 9 (consequential costs due to onshore events) is excluded if it would also have been so excluded under rule 8 (cover during onshore events)



Rule 12A deleted.  This rule enabled Loss of Hire and War cover to be underwritten.  As these products are not being offered for the 2019 /20 policy year, the rule is no longer required.

 The Club rules are available to download in PDF format here. We try to send printed rulebooks only to those who wish to receive them. If you would like additional copies of the printed rulebook (or do not wish to receive the printed rulebook at all), please let us know at  and we will make the appropriate arrangements.

Members and brokers are reminded that from the 2018/19 year the Club has adopted the call terminology used by other contributory mutuals such as P&I clubs.  Premiums are quoted and debited on an Estimated Total Premium (ETP) basis at inception.  A budgeted final instalment is payable by September following the end of the policy year. The Club’s ability to levy additional premiums (supplementary calls) on specific open policy years if the financial situation requires is unaffected.